TOTEM Supply Kits

TOTEM 75Plus-230 65-70 l/min · ±0.5%
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  
TOTEM 75Plus-60-230 V · 60 users · 200 services (software DIESELPLUS) 27341-CF00000
TOTEM 75Plus-130-230 V · 130 users · 500 services (software DIESELPLUS) 27341-CF00001
  • The TOTEM PLUS electronic supply kits with GK-7Plus own consumption controller are suitable for the diesel supply, measurement and control for own consumption vehicles.
  • The GK-7Plus controller allows the supply only to authorized personnel and memorizes all the services that the users and/or the vehicles do. The supply kit has the Internet connection. The user can manage the dispenser data like users, vehicles and done supplies from any PC, which is connected to the Internet, entering into the control web site with a user name and a password.


It is composed of:


  • Column for its direct fixation to the ground without bases or additional accessories
  • Made of steel
  • Special interior and exterior treatment against corrosion
  • Brilliant expoxid paint
  • Weatherproof


  • IRON-75 230 VAC self-suction pump with self-adjusting blades


  • DIESELPLUS · The online service does not need the application installation. This can be used from any computer connected to the Internet at any moment.


  • PA-80 automatic (swivel included)


  • 4 m Ø25 mm antistatic delivery diesel hose double layer, with adapters in both ends
Size and weight (approx.):
  • Dim.: 385x435x1,500 mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 50 kg
TOTEM 75Plus-230
- GK-7 identification key (pack of 10 units) 251201002
- 60-user DieselPlus annual fee 670500000
- 130-user DieselPlus annual fee 670500100
- FG-100 microfilter kit (TOTEM indoors) 27231

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