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SPUTNIK Commercial Dispenser
Liquids: Diesel Diesel  Petrol Petrol  
  • The fuel dispenser is designed and manufactured for the fuel supply and it is equipped with a supply point. This kit has built-in an accuracy measuring system and a special electronics that shows the supplied litres and the supply amount.
  • The fuel dispenser is available in four different versions of chassis: Estilo, Tecno, SPUTNIK and Blue. The chassis can be made in stainless steel, carbon steel or fibreglass, according to each piece and version.
  • The fuel dispenser has one or many hydraulic groups with model approval, composed of a pump with degasifier and one or two piston meters for each hydraulic group that guarantees an accuracy in the measuring of ±0,2 %. Each meter has an encoder that transmits pulses to the electronics.
  • The fuel dispenser also has one or some supply points into the same compact unit, which allows a best profit of the fuel dispenser interior space. Each one of the supply points is composed of a hose with a tensor that allows maintaining the hose picked up at any moment.
  • It has one or two electronics. These are GESPASA mark, EM-1 model, and they have an hydraulic and electronic technology more adequate to get the required trustworthiness by our customers.
  • It is suitable for service stations, cooperatives, transport companies, ...
  • The electronics is composed of 3 displays that show:
    • Price per litre
    • Total amount
    • Supplied litres


Avant-garde electronics

  • Luminous display of high size that makes easier the quantity vision;
  • Minimum supplied amount presence of 15 minutes if the lights have gone out;
  • Possibility of litre or amount preset;
  • Three preset keys: x1, x10, RESET;
  • Mechanical and Electronic totalizer;
  • Communication protocol with controller/computer;
  • Possibility of changing the fuel price form the own dispenser or a controller;
  • High trustworthiness;
  • The electronics can control up to 4 hoses;
  • The electronics is installed into a watertight head.


Trustworthy and guaranteed accuracy meter

  • Piston meter with electronic pulser with error control;
  • Accuracy: 0,2 % (5-80 l/min);
  • Adjustment through a sealed wheel;
  • Pulser of 2 channels with a resolutions of 100 l/min;
  • Mechanical totalizer.


Hydraulic pump with gas separator

  • Self-suction blade pump with air separator and a filter in the suction;
  • Standard flow: 50-80 l/min
  • Steel mesh of easy access and (clean and reused);
  • Motor: 1 kW S1 230/400 VAC 50/60 Hz three-phase EExd with ATEX certificate and IP-55 protection;
  • Driving belt with automatic tensor.


  • Main structure made of stainless lacquered-matt steel;
  • Protective structure of the pumping kit and the electronics made of newest PRFV material.
Size (approx.):

Size: 1010x600x1900 mm (length x width x height)

- 700 VA / 500 W ON-LINE UPS 805001002
- PA-80 · Automatic unleaded petrol nozzle 47254
- FG-300/15 microfilter · water absorbent · capacity 15 litres · microfiltration of 15 µm (micron) 66192
- 0.4 m flexible dispenser suction tube with F2' flange 807610002

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